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WanOrde Theatre & Practice

Welcome to our website...  // Welkom op onze website...


This webpage is for our international audience. 

If you have any questions, please contact us by using the CONTACT form.

Deze website is voor onze internationale deelnemers. Voor Nederlands verwijzen wij u naar:

www.wanorde-theater.nl voor theaterlessen en -cursussen

www.wanorde-praktijk.nl voor Therapie, Coaching en Counseling.

Welcome to WanOrde Theatre & Practice. We help you with your personal development and use different methods to help you achieve your goals. 


Right now with Corona all over the world we need time to clear the mind, take a good deep breath and tap into some new energy.

Meditation can give you all that. 

So click HERE and join the 

International WanOrde Meditation Group

A little explanation about the name WanOrde. It has a dual meaning. 

1: "wanorde" is a typical Dutch word and translates to Dis-Order or Chaos. 

2: when you break it down into two parts, 'Wan' is short for Wanda, the founder of the practice. 'Orde' translates to 'order' or "a way of life"... 

...and so WanOrde gives you a new insight in life, a new "order" by Wanda's help. A way out of the dis-order, the chaos

...away from thinking in disabilities by thinking and believing in challenges and possibilities!

So:  Welcome to your challenges... Welcome to your new Order of Life, 

Welcome to WanOrde! 


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